License plate-based

Karkoona is a modern, simple and unobtrusive application for contacting other drivers using their license plate numbers.

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What can Karkoona do for you?

Safe and efficient communication between vehicles

Karkoona lets you contact other vehicle owners by searching for their license plates, utilizing premade messages to ensure fast and secure communication, while ensuring your pricavy and peace of mind.

Get notified & notify others...

Driving around with flat tire but haven't realized it yet? Don't worry, other Karkoona users have you covered! Karkoona's Informational messages can help keep you and your loved ones safe.

Climb the ranks

Let the votes you earned through your actions, propel (or sink) you to a place in the pantheon of your country's drivers!

Seize the day and flirt with someone

Lost count of how many people you failed to flirt with while they zoomed away in their vehicle of choice? Karkoona discreet Flirting messages let you reach them and let them know!

Never worry about your privacy and peace of mind

Karkoona takes your privacy very seriously. No data other that your license plates and an email are needed and your email is never released or shared without your request. Furthermore, we have developed algorithms to make sure that harassment or stalking are just not possible.

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My Account
The options below allow you to claim the license plates you own if you discover they have already been registered, reactivate an account you walked away from, resend an activation email to complete your registration, or reset your password in case you forgot it.
Search for an unregistered user
Not everyone you run into will be registered on Karkoona. However, even unregistered users can be the target of messages and votes from registered users. To find out if the unregisterd vehicle you look for has attracted attention already, click below!
Badges of Honor. Or Horror.
Your actions make you a hero or a villain. The messages you send and receive, combined with your vote totals, award you with badges. If you get one of those, then you really stirred some waters! Or hearts. Or fists. Or...