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What is Karkoona

Karkoona is a new way of connecting drivers. Using Karkoona you can easily contact any other registered driver, just by knowing their license plates. Conversely, you become an available contact for everyone around you. Free for every individual on the planet, Karkoona is dedicated to transforming the streets into vibrant, dynamic communities.

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Your Karkoona Account

Everything starts with the creation of your Karkoona account. To create an account, you will be asked to enter your e-mail, license plates and a password. One email address will define one account. No other personal information is necessary, and your e-mail address is not shared with anyone, unless you explicitly allow it when another user asks to contact you directly.

Accounts are bound to vehicles and not drivers, so if you, for example, share your vehicle with three members of your family, you can share the credentials of its account with them, enabling them to be part of the Karkoona network without separate accounts. Of course, their actions while driving it will also attract negative of positive votes to that specific vehicle.

Accounts will come in 4 levels: Standard, Premium, Corporate and Unlimited. Standard accounts are free and allow the registration of one vehicle per account. Premium accounts allow the registration of up to 5 vehicles per account, and Corporate accounts up to 20 vehicles under the same same acccount. Unlimited is unlimited.

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The backbone of Karkoona is its messaging engine, which allow users to contact each other using their licence plates as the only contact information. To avoid abusive and insulting behavior, messages are predefined and set in categories. We strive to implement enough messages to cover the majority of possible use cases. Of course, we will keep updating and improving them, taking of course the feedback of our users into account.

Each category contains messages that may or may not carry downvotes or upvotes(see Votes and Revokes), and also messages that allow the receiver to aknowledge the receipt of the message. The latter is particularly important in messages that carry downvotes, since acknowledging the message allows the sender of the original downvote-loaded message to revoke their downvotes.

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Votes and Revokes

Certain messages carry upvotes or downvotes. This value will be added to the other users' upvotes and downvotes total. Upvotes are a form of praise to the other driver, and once given are not revokeable. However, this is not always the case with downvotes. While some downvotes concern transgressions so serious that a downvoted vehicle's driver can do nothing to redeem it, some others like parking violations allow the voting users to revoke their votes once the downvoted driver has acknowledged the message and has taken sufficient action to satisfy the sender that the transgression has been remedied.

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Badges are a consequence of the messaging and voting system. They are awarded to users after a certain limit of upvotes, downvotes or messages in a specific category has been reached. They can indicate positive or negative behavior and termed "Badges of Honor" and "Badges of Horror", respectively. This creates a profile for the vehicle's driver and his/her general behavior, giving clues to other drivers as to what to expect from that particular driver. Their usefulness goes beyond the self-gratification of the user, and will allow the formation and admission into vehicle groups that have achieved the same 'milestones'.*

*will be added in a future update

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Send messages to unregistered vehicles

Unregistered vehicles are no longer excluded from the Karkoona service. Registered users can now send every message available on Karkoona to a vehicle that has not been registered. While the driver of that vehicle will not receive any notifications, the number and categories of the messages received (but not their content), as well as the total amount of votes accumulated because of those messages, will be publicly visible.

While only registered users can send the messages, every person can check for an unregistered vehicle and see the if it has received any messages and/or votes. It is important, however, to note that registered vehicles are not visible to unregistered users and enjoy the full privacy protection of Karkoona. Similarly, any unregistered users that decide to register on Karkoona, will be removed from public view and will be visible only to registered Karkoona users.

In the near future, newly registered users that have received messages prior to their registration, will be allowed a glimpse of those messages, being able to view the message content, but not the message sender (since the message might have been sent so long ago in the past, that is now out of context).