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The venue of lost words

Karkoona creates a very robust communication network between its registered members. Unregistered users, however, are not excluded from the community. If you have the easily remedied misfortune of not being registered on Karkoona, other users can still send you messages. In this page, you can find out if any messages have been sent to your license plates. To encourage registration, we do not disclose the full content of messages sent to unregistered license plate numbers, just the message category, upvotes and downvotes. Go ahead and search for any license plate numbers that interest you, in the fields below.

The road so far...

Seen below, is the number of messages sent to unregistered vehicles. Many of them carry positive or negative votes which are publicly visible, so go ahead and look for a license plate that interests you! It may have a story to tell.

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Karkoona features

Being unregistered severely restricts the functionality you can enjoy. Karkoona offers a host of features that will make your everyday life on the road both easier and more enjoyable. By registering, you gain access to all current and future features of the network, becoming at the same time a full member of the Karkoona community.

What you get while unregistered

By staying unregistered, you simply become available for registered users to send you messages whose content you cannot access while at the same time having publicly visible upvotes and downvotes acquired through those messages.

What you are missing out on

Registered users enjoy the full functionality of Karkoona. As a registered user, you can:

  • Send, receive and respond to messages from other registered users.
  • Send messages and votes to unregistered vehicles.
  • Have access to powerful functions like Theft Alert, that harness the power of the network to assist you.
  • Enjoy advanced features like location-based alerts from other registered users.
  • Have access to all future features.

Concerns you should not have

We are talking about your pricavy and peace of mind. Karkoona neither requires nor reveals any personal data. Only your email and license plate numbers are required for registration. Your email is never disclosed unless you choose to reveal it to another user to initiate contact outside of Karkoona. Premade messages and anti-spam algorithms ensure that no offensive messages will reach you, and that users cannot keep bothering you with a relentless torrent of messages just to annoy you!

It's free

Karkoona is free for personal use, which allows for one car per account. You can use the full functionality without ever having to worry about fees or annoying ads that suddenly decide you missed them dearly and pop up in your face!