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Our vision

We hope you are not driving, beause we are about to ask you to lean back and relax! And remember.

All those moments of helpless frustration, when some other driver did something that enraged or even put you in danger, all those days you wanted to scream at someone or send them a thank you note. And all you had was the horn. Or perhaps the high beams on your headlights. Good thing you learned Morse code as a boyscout. Which won't help you if someone has blocked your exit and is nowhere to be seen. But you have that high-powered laser projector with you to start projecting messages on every wall in sight and hope the person you seek harbors Batman fantasies! But then some dazzlingly beautiful creature drives by you, and you can't sleep at night, with no way of contacting them! And what if someone...

So many things cannot be communicated while on the road. We spend a significant portion of our day inside a vehicle, surrounded by other vehicles, but we are effectively isolated from them.

Karkoona aims to eliminate this isolation. We seek to enable a world where your vehicles are much more than means of transport, man and machine share identities, and the streets become the playground for the next generation of vehicular culture.By allowing the drivers to communicate and exchange information using their cars identities, and using intuitive, non-obtrusive interfaces, we aim to enable enhanced and innovative experiences for the individual driver but also support the emergence of vehicle-based groups and communities into a dynamic and ever-flowing social space. In addition to messaging, activity-based badges allow for the creation of a "character" for the vehicle.

This will let you seek and form groups with vehicles that have the badges to prove their worth! You want to join the "Urban Desperados" group? It appears that they require you to have the "Streetwise Hercules", "Sheriff Bravo" and "Righteous Fury" badges! How about the "Mall Maul" posh don't-give-a-damn group? Apparently they require you be a "Carefree Ballerina", a "Parking Constipator" and a "Slippery Angel". They sound like jerks and not in good terms with the Slippery Desperados, who just allied with similarly minded group "Exhaust Tube Potatoes". Fun times on the high streets!

And this is just the beginning. Once the roads, vehicles and drivers form their own ecosystem, evolution will inevitably follow.